The All My Friends Playground Project

Located at Centennial Park in Grafton, we are looking to build an all-inclusive playground for children of all abilities to come and play together.

Camp Cassie’s Friends

Camp Testimonials

“Dear All MY Friends Inc,
Thank you for making it possible for our son, Nate to go to Cassie’s Camp at Camp Y-Koda this past summer. He had a great time! The memories and friendships that were made will last a lifetime to our son. We would like to send out a huge thank you to all that make this possible. We would also like to thank all of the communities that give so generously to make this possible.
Because of you, you make a difference in our son’s life.
Thank you,
Chad & Erika Wasilewski”

“Dear All My Friends Inc:
I want to thank the All My Friends Team for sponsoring my child’s Autism summer camp scholarship (Campership). My son Evan was one of this year’s recipients of one of your camp scholarships,” I wish to express my thanks to you and your organization for your generosity and for looking out for children on the spectrum, such as my son, many of whom are not able to attend non supported, religious based, or even private “NEUROTYPICAL/NORMAL” camps. (Whatever that is??)
“For us, you see , having autism is normal — so we can’t know for sure what your “normal” is even like. But so long as we can love ourselves, I’m not sure how much it matters whether we’re normal or autistic. Naoki Higashida
Evan had also previously attended Camp Awesum and grew from the experience. He came home feeling more self-confident and happy. I know that he is headed for a great future, supplemented with enriching opportunities like the camp provided to him. This scholarship award, thanks to the kindness of your group and your event attendees and donations, will further assist in providing more camp scholarships to those in need , and adding to more chances of success. Without a doubt, this award was extremely valuable for me, helping to reduce the financial burdens of paying for camp in addition to some quiet respite and peace of mind. I hope to be able to contribute to Living Life with Autism scholarships spreading the word for your fundraising events and any available contributions that your group may need for your continued success.
Once again, I want to thank the All My Friends Inc. Team for their generosity and kind spirit in funding this scholarship, which has provided support and encouragement for both my family and me. I would also appreciate if you would please convey my deep thanks to all the members of the Board. As a parent of a complex child on the Autism Spectrum, I have seen the various fundraising events the group hosts to provide campers like my son, and appreciate your dedication to the cause. I thank you for your kindness and the Living Life with Autism’s community activities that are held in support of future campers.
I hope my child can strive and continue to grow to conquer many challenges and obstacles to become an individual that makes your group proud, epitomizing all of the values your organization stands for and by which it has created its highly-regarded reputation.
With sincere thanks,
Evan’s Mom”

“Dear All My Friends Inc,
My name is Rebecca Remberg. My 11 ½ year old daughter, Amelia Prigge, was diagnosed with 22q13 Deletion Syndrome in 2008. She was then diagnosed with Autism in 2010. She is currently in 6th grade at Kiel Middle school. She has a One-on-One paraprofessional with her at all times as well as her Service Dog, Cora.
Amelia does not talk. She has poor core muscle strength, no safety awareness and has aggressive behaviors. She is in constant need of adult support and supervision. She needs 100% assistance of her activities of daily living. As she gets older, bigger and stronger her needs get to be harder to manage.
With the support of organizations like yours, she is able to go to summer camp. While at summer camp she is able to do things that other kids her age get to do, like climb rock walls, go down zip lines and go on boat rides. This also allows time for us at home to regroup. We are able to do things with our 6 year old son, Wyatt, that we would not be able to do as a family with Amelia. He truly appreciates this time with us, and we are able to enjoy it knowing that Amelia is in the care of qualified staff. That is something that is hard to come by as she gets older!
Thank you for giving my family the respite that we need. We are able to be better parents to both of our kids when we get this time.
Chris and Rebecca Remberg”